Jesus Center








Christ Centered Compassion
In all that we do and all we call others to, we do in compliance with the command of Jesus: “Love each other as I have loved you.” Without this love, all we do is in danger of becoming a vain & empty action. In love, we enter into the lives & needs of our clients w/ compassion. Founded in God’s love, we show respect for human dignity, hope for and commitment to transformation, and a servant attitude.

Safe Haven
The Jesus Center will be a place safe from the rigors of street living – free from bad language, violence, and a sense of hopelessness. Driven by our belief in the importance of compassion, our staff will ensure that we provide food and shelter in a supportive environment for those needing our services.

The Jesus Center exists as part of a continuum of service providers, churches, local government, schools, and community groups who together care for the various needs of the population we serve. As part of the transformation of lives, we make efforts to bring individuals into the community in a relationship of interdependence from a life of isolation

We recognize our accountability to the Lord our God, to our clients, and to the community in which we live. We invite our clients to the same standard of accountability as ourselves.

The Jesus Center provides two meals each day for homeless people, a shower facility, a shelter for women and children (Sabbath House), a community food pantry, a resource room with computers and Internet access, and a Bible study/discussion group after breakfast Mon.-Fri. in the dining room. The Center’s 2.2 acre Community Farm provides job-training for the homeless; the produce which is raised there is sold weekly at the Farmers’ Market. Women who live in the Sabbath House shelter sell flowers in season from the Bloomin’ Hope flower cart. Armed with buckets, brooms and a rolling cart, homeless volunteers scour the streets of Chico for trash and filth 2 hours daily, six days a week as the Cleanup Brigade.