January 9th – Cajun Cookoff
March 6th – PJ Helicopters Run
March 19th – Chili Cookoff
April 2nd – Odor’s Mystery Run
May 3rd – 6th – Train Mountain
May 21st – Maxwell Car Show/Parade
Video – Maxwell Fire Dept.
June 4th – Corning Chevy
June 11th – 8th Annual Ribs & Rods Show
Video by Full Throttle

June 25th – Izzys
July 30th – Steelhead Lodge Run
August 26th – 28th – Corvettes on the Bay
September 9th – 11th – Ft. Bragg Run
September 24th – Cheeseburgers in Paradise
October 8th – Jesus Center Donation
November 24th – Run for Food
December 2nd – 4th – Hearst Castle Run
December 10th – Christmas Party
December 17th – Esplanade House Visit

February 22nd – Dunn’s Chili Cook-off
April 5th – Wizard of Oz
April 6th – Orland Bowling Run
May 17th – Henton’s Mystery Run
May 31st – Ione Carshow
June 7th – Cheeseburgers in Paradise
June 14th – “Ribs & Rods” ACC Car Show
July 19th – Izzys Run
August 2nd – Marron’s Car Maintenance Day
August 16th – Miniature Golf
August 28th – 30th – National Corvette Caravan
September 13th – Ice Cream Social
September 28th – “Vettes & Jets” USS Hornet Run
December 6th – Esplanade House/Jesus Center Visit
December 13th – ACC Christmas Party/Awards

January 16th – 22nd – Barrett-Jackson Auction, Scottsdale
February 25th – Dunn’s Chili Cookoff
April 19th – 22nd – Gamblers’ Classic Laughlin, NV
May 3rd – 6th – Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
May 19th – Maxwell Parade & Car Show
June 3rd – Five Mile House
June 9th – “Rods, Ribs, and Rides” ACC Car Show
June 16th – “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”
June 29th – July 1st – Hearst Castle Run
July 17th – 21st – Black Hills Corvette Classic
September 14th – 15th – Ft. Bragg Run
October 5th – 6th – Mystery Run
October 27th – Halloween Party
November 2nd – Odor’s Charade Party
November 3rd – ACC 35th Anniversary Party
December 1st – Wreath Social
December 8th – Esplanade House/Jesus Center Visit
December 15th – Christmas Party/Awards Dinner
December 16th – Avenue of Lights


March 20th – Henton’s Mystery Run
March 28th – Bowl-A-Rama
April 10th – Heidrick Ag Center/Reiff’s Garage Run
April 30th – May 2nd – Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
June 26th – Butte Meadows BBQ
July 16th – 17th – Corvettes on the Bay; Coos Bay, OR
July 22nd/25th – Vettes on the Rockies; Breckenridge, CO
September 10th – 12th – Dunn’s Ft. Bragg Run
October 23rd – ACC “Ribs, Rods& Rides” Car Show
December 11th – Christmas Party & Awards Dinner
December 18th – Esplanade House/Jesus Center Visit
Video Slideshow – Remembering 2010

ACC – Remembering 2010


February 21st – Charades Party
March 14th – New Clairvaux Wine Tour
April 11th – Henton’s Mystery Run
April 19th –Izzy’s Show n Shine
April 24th – Kool April Nites
May 23rd – Rust Museum
May 30th – Corning Chevy
June 13th – Ribs & Rods
July 25th – Bucks Lake Run
August 1st -2nd – Virginia City Run
August 22nd – Merlo Park
December 12th – Christmas Party
December 19th – Esplanade House Visit


January 15th – 19th – Barrett Jackson Auction Scottsdale
February 23rd – Dunn’s Chili Cook-off
March 23rd – Capay Run
April 19th – Kool April Nites, Redding
May 3rd – 5th – Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
May 11th – Empire Mine Run
May 18th – Maxwell Car Show
June 1st – “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” Party
June 8th – “Ribs & Rods” ACC Car Show
July 27th – Izzys Lunch Run
August 17th – B4s Mystery Run
August 24th – Orland Bowling Run
September 6th – 7th – Ft. Bragg Run
October 19th – Odor’s Charades Party
December 7th – Esplanade House/Jesus Center Visit
December 14th – Christmas Party/Awards Dinner
December 20th – Orland Avenue of Lights
2013 Americana Corvette Memories Video


February 12th – Dunn’s Chili Cookoff (photos)
Chili Cookoff Video
April 15th – Kool April Nites
April 28th – May 1st – Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
May 21st – Redding CorvetteSet Etna Run
June 2nd – Adam’s Car Clinic & BBQ
June 4th – ACC “Ribs, Rods & Rides” Car Show
June 18th – Izzy’s Lunch Run
June 18th – Redding Street Drags Video
July 15th – 16th – Corvettes on the Bay; Coos Bay, OR
August 6th – Quincy Breakfast Run
September 3rd – “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”
September 9th – 11th – Ft. Bragg Run
September 17th – Historian’s Party
December 16th – Christmas Party
December 17th – Esplanade House/Jesus Center Visit
2011 – The Year in Review Video

Americana Corvette Club 2011


April 26th – Leadbetter’s Bowl-A-Rama
May 17th – Henton’s Mystery Run
June 6th – Etna Brewery Run
June 19th – 21st – Corvettes at Lake Tahoe
August 5th – Izzy’s Cruise-In Nite
Aug. 28th – Sept. 13th – National Corvette Museum Caravan
September 19th – Western Pacific Train Museum
September 26th – Subway Cave Run
October 9th – 11th – Ft. Bragg Run
October 24th – “Ribs, Rods, & Rides” ACC Car Show
December 12th – Christmas Party